Bunny Paradise ばにぱら ~恋人全員バニー化計画~ | Bunny Paradise Bani Para [BMP]


Bunny Paradise ばにぱら ~恋人全員バニー化計画~ | Bunny Paradise Bani Para


Original title: Bunny Paradise ばにぱら ~恋人全員バニー化計画~

Romaji title: Bunny Paradise Bani Para ~Koibito Zenin Bani-ka Keikaku~

Size: 614 Mb

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Official description:

The prestigious girls’ school Usagino Gakuen is rumoured to be full of cute girls. Shinsuke graduated from a top-tier university and was expected to be the heir of his father’s zaibatsu, which is one of the directors of the school. However, he loves bunny girls more than anyone should. The school’s prestige has taken a hit in recent times and he decided to become a teacher there to help rebuild it and prove his worthiness as the zaibatsu’s successor at the same time. He proclaimed that the cause was a lack of etiquette, shyness and desire to serve among the girls. His perfect plan was to create a ‘bunny club’ at the school and train all the students as bunny girls, who exemplify all these positive traits.


しかし、彼はバニーガールが大好き。 バニーさん好きをこじらせて完全に変態……。

その条件を呑み、主人公は兎野学園へ。 しかし、その心の中には……

「名門の失墜は最近の女性が礼儀・恥じらい・奉仕の心などが足りないことが原因でしょう。 ならば、それらを完璧に備えるバニーさんこそが至上!
つまり、学園にバニー部を作り、全学生をバニーさんとして教育すれば、完璧、パーフェクト!! あは、あはははは!」


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