ChuSingura46+1 -忠臣蔵46+1- 初回版




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English description:

This sound novel game is Inre’s first work, which is a powered up version of doujin circle RainDog’s game of the same name. As the title suggests, it follows the travels of Suguha who time-slipped into the Edo era around the time of the 47 ronin. I’m not knowledgeable on this historical period, so it doesn’t really interest me much. I’d rather take Koihime with its better art, although the trial wasn’t too bad and the seiyuu list is quite impressive.

I want to applaud them for trying something beyond standard highschool romance to break into the eroge scene, but then this feels pretty standard for the Back to the Future games. I am not against these titles on principle as I am for magical girl plots, but the Koihime style games are starting to need some variation. Perhaps the appeal that separated Koihime from the rest was in the nature of the protagonist, should they do a better job of fleshing them out and involving them as more than a faceless entity who exists for H scenes with antiquated girls carrying masculine names. Of course improving on the development of those same girls and doing a better job of fleshing out and incorporating the setting itself wouldn’t hurt either.

Japanese description:

「仇討ちこそ! 我が悲願!」
元禄十四年(1701年) 三月十四日。
その知らせを聞いた五代将軍・徳川綱吉は激怒し、浅野内匠頭を即日 切腹。 浅野家には城地没収、お家断絶を命じる。

そして、謎のタイムスリップで現代から江戸時代の赤穂に来てしまった主人公の深海直刃 (ふかみ すぐは)。


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