LO(ロー)あんぐる!! | LO-angle!




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English description from omochikaeri.wordpress.com:

Tooru has three cute and lively imoutos: Eri, Miku and Yako. He couldn’t help but notice their bodies gradually turning into that of a woman and tried his best to resist his urges. With his cousins Momoka and Makoto also showing up, will he be able to hold out in this ‘semi-little girl’ heaven?
Viva SLG! They originally used JK instead of SLG, but someone somewhere decided it wasn’t a good idea. I wonder why. Anyways, why should you all love SLG too? Their purity! Their innocence! They accidentally show you their panties because they never thought to cover them up in the first place. Actions that seems daring for any other girl never even crossed their mind that way. It’s up to oniichan to protect them and guide them! Oniichan, your imoutos are waiting for you!

I love the title a lot too. First of all, there’s the reference to a certain magazine. Your imoutos always look up to their oniichan, from a low angle. LO is short for a synonym of SLG, the W (warai) hints at the comedy and ero in the game, while ANGLE is an anagram of ANGEL, which is what SLG are. Viva SLG! (Down with oshikko though ><) Eri and Makoto are my top choices. I wish Yako had a better seiyuu voicing her.

A simple game for simple people, that is if wanting to have intimate relations with children could be characterized as “Simple”.

Japanese description:

地元でも可愛いと評判の光野(ひかりの) 3姉妹。
繪里(えり)、未来(みく)、弥子(やこ) は、まだまだ垢抜けるには程遠い、元気いっぱいの女の子たち。
しかし、少しずつ女性らしくなってきた身体つきによって、兄である透(とおる) の欲情を、余すところ無く掻き乱す !!
しかも彼女らに、同年代である従妹の桃華(ももか)、真琴(まこと) も加わって、“発達中少女の無意識な挑発” が満載の状況に……。
果たして、かつて無い 『セミリトルガール・ヘブン(第二次性徴少女天国)』 で、妹たちに手を出さずに生き延びることが出来るのだろうか…!?



  • Luis says:

    Can anyone help?
    I’m looking this CG

    妹ぱらだいす!2 ~お兄ちゃんと5人の妹のも~っと!エッチしまくりな毎日~

    Thank you very much, to who help me.

  • Akai Suisei says:

    its not released yet, I already told you
    will be upped asap

  • Colt .45 says:

    Jesus Luis. Have some patience will you?

  • Luis says:

    ok, trank you very much,
    sorry for the discomfort

  • Tony says:

    its not wanting to open with 7zip.. keeps saying Inncorrect Command line. or somthin like that. Any chance you could change uploading website? maybe use Mega as another option :3


  • Akai Suisei says:

    Checked all files and its working. Byte-size should be 283 115 520 & 106 674 652, if not – redownload.
    Change uploading site and reupload 4000 files? No thanks.

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