Magical Charming! 初回限定スターターパック同梱版 | Magical Charming ! shokai gentei suta^ta^pakku doukon han




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English description from

Another summer vacation has passed and a depressed Ritsu is rueing another lost opportunity to celebrate his youth. When he woke up from his despair, he found the date had wound back to just before the summer vacation. Also, he was in an unknown room, captured by a girl he didn’t recognize and unable to move. The self-proclaimed magician Orietta told him it wasn’t a dream and that he had ruined her peaceful days with his magic. Not wanting to make the situation any worse, he agreed to help her figure out how to fix the problem and ended up enrolling in the famous Wizly girl’s magic school as part of Orietta’s outrageous request.

Normally, magic is only able to be used by girls and the school’s rule was not to use it recklessly due to its great effect. So, its use should be controlled, restrained, or not used at all, if possible, for the ultimate goal of not causing problem to the general public. However, now Ritsu has joined the school and he is a male magician. Of course, he has become the center of attention at the school.
So what’s special about this Lump of Sugar game with magic and cute girls? You can use of Chrono Cards to go after your favourite heroine! The more cards you collect, the more ways you can interact with them. You can even check the Chronopedia to see all the action cards you have in your possession. Sounds like an achievement game to me, but I love these since you can see how each heroine reacts differently to each card. Like, imouto Fuuka’s reaction if you mention oppai since she has a complex about their size (not small like most imoutos). I really want to see more of the nekomimi meido subchara Sharon! She’s so adorable! Hau~ omochikaeri~!

Ah Lump of Sugar when will you stop taking your name so literally and at least make an attempt at a quality game. Well on their way to becoming one of the most annoying companies in the industry with all these excessively elaborate but fundamentally simple and lacking games. Like a frilly dress, no matter how much lace you add if the embroidery and stitching are rough, you can’t call it well made or even pretty, no matter how much they try to distract people by using it to sexualize children.

Japanese description:

そんな彼が絶望から目覚めると、日付はまだ夏休みの直前。 しかも、見知らぬ天井の下。
魔法……? 律には、なんのことだかさっぱり分からない。
「俺はどうすればいい?」 「原因を突き止めなきゃね」
「なるほど。どうやって?」 「それを一緒に調べるのよ!」

その名は 『ウィズレー魔法学院』。 全世界に散開する魔法使いを集めた、魔法学校だ。

そこに現れた男の魔法使い。 当然、学園でも注目の的だ。



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