RJ135371 | 行け!! アイリーン快賊団 | Go!! Ailene & The Merry Bandits [BMP]


RJ135371  | 行け!! アイリーン快賊団 | Go!! Ailene & The Merry Bandits


Original title: 行け!! アイリーン快賊団

Romaji title: Ike !! airīn kai zoku dan

Also known as: RE135371 RJ135371 Go!! Ailene & The Merry Bandits

Size: 143 Mb





Official description:




・ダメージを受けると服が脱げる! 脱げる度合いは4段階。さらにそれが9人分!





Ailene is rounding up the ultimate party on a superquest:
obtain the 7 dragon stones, who legend says will grant the owner any wish.
She has the vision, but her leadership will take them straight into trouble.

Ressentiment presents a colorful classic Dungeon RPG + Ecchi Game.

– Easy to follow turn-based battles that generously gives results!
– Randomly generated dungeons make every crawl a unique experience!
– Turn chance in your favor with helpful items
– Build up your favorite character with a Super R*bot Wars-esque system
– There are 10 cram-packed dungeons each with peculiar traits!

– Dynamic clothing damage
Events and conversations will change based on nudity levels
“Damage” is shown at 3 levels of nudity x 9 characters’ worth!

– Easy, accessible unlocks
Have a good time and play without worry in easy mode
There are no difficult requirements to earning sex scenes
No tedious grinding or flag raising missions
A tutorial to ease you in without wasting your time

– Depth for hardcore gamers
Over 100 achievements for completionists
Score system for how economically you can clear dungeons

– Extended replayability
After you’ve beat the game, gain access to the after-story secret dungeon!
Face renewed, more powerful enemies and bosses!
Plus did we mention randomly generated dungeons? Never be bored!

* PLUS *
Windowed + full screen modes
21 event CGs (not incl. variations)
CG mode, Review mode
Message skip, backlog, toggle windows on/off
Large format ecchi illustrations (clear game for access)

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free)
* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* Save data is transferable from trial to full game.

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