RJ147151 | 無法恥態 ~格闘美少女達の淫辱バトル~ | Muhou Chitai WITH VIDEO [PNG]


RJ147151 | 無法恥態 ~格闘美少女達の淫辱バトル~ | Muhou Chitai WITH VIDEO


Original title: 無法恥態 ~格闘美少女達の淫辱バトル~

Romaji title: Muhou Chitai ~Kakutou Bishoujo-tachi no Injoku Battle~

Also known as: RJ147151

Size: 254 Mb






Official description:

A pornographic battle royale from Softhouse Seal soaked in blood and cum.

* BATTLE x SEX concept
Shown no quarter of mercy, the loser is utterly humiliated.
And the thing she loses is more than the fight: her pride, her dignity as a human
are wrenched away! In the valley between anguish and pleasure
two buxom, beautiful fight girls grimace and grind;
and you’ll grimace fapping to hot scenes with a 120% rock hard erection!

Hokomine Gakuen (lit., “cockpeak academy”) is a correctional school
attended by the country’s worst students. It was originally founded as a tournament
venue for ongoing displays of strength and skill.
The winner earns fame and admiration; the loser is mired in shame.

Two beautiful girls, each with a secret in her heart,
go breast to breast, hip to hip a pornographic battle royale:

Hibiki Himegami wants to claim the title of Strongest Student
for the sake of her deceased father—

Meanwhile, Ayame Fujishiro is in this for the entertainment,
a natural born fighter who (thinks she) can stay calm in any situation—

Prides will fall, hips will arch, legs will shudder, shame will out!
Personalities will clash. Mischievous students will meddle.
At seemingly all costs, rival hotties pursue the title of Strongest…
… In a pornographic battle royale that begins… NOW—


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