対魔聖甲アリス | Taima Seikou Alice [BMP]


対魔聖甲アリス | Taima Seikou Alice


Original title: 対魔聖甲アリス

Romaji title: Taima Seikou Alice

Also known as: RJ132987 RJ132987 Taima Seikou Alice

Size: 504 Mb

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Official description:

* ZOL x Ittousei Sasayama x Kurisu give birth to a new work of XXX! *
The hyper-strong erotic team of artist, producer and author have united to forge
an epic, all-new Black Lilith sci fi heroine-ravaging fantasy set in medieval times!

* The fate of the captured heroine will be……!?
Mid-mission, Alice Valkyrie is snared in a meticulously laid trap.
What comes after is a fevered rage of double penetrations, deflowering and relentless, sleepless assault.

* Cruel body modification!
Alice is turned into a pheromone-wafting piece of sexual meat that causes monsters to go into heat!
Merciless cycles of copulation, pregnancy and birth reduce her to a harlot for X-rated creatures.

* Monster pregnancy experiments!
Clad in a drug-injecting armor, Alice gives herself to wild experiments of Loki Soul in order to get the antidote
—choose which beasts she’ll f*ck and how they will disgrace her!
Service fornicators who range from brutes to seducers!
Alice’s womb is the vessel for demonic offspring!
Then comes a shameful birth for an audience!
Alice marinates in acme pleasure with ejaculating milktits for one pregnancy and birth after another!

* Various erotic monsters appear!
– the Orc from the realm of high fantasy that shoots powerful lust-inducing globs of sperm
– the Tentacles, a fleshy, swarming sea of membranous fornicators
– the Pod, with jar-shaped suckers large enough to engulf a human whole
– the Worms with sensual ovum-depositing tendrils that squirm deep to lay their hatchlings
– the dog-like Gollum whose sperm-engorged phallus slides into the vagina like a flesh corkscrew
– the Sleipnir, a stud with a gigantic horse c*ck
– the giant and devastating Cyclops who hails all the way from Hermod Castle of Helheim,
and more!

Planning: Ittousei Sasayama
Production: Ittousei Sasayama, Kurisu
Art: ZOL
Scenario: Kurisu
Director: EDEN

Alice Valkyrie: Sara Itou (CV)


■ZOL×笹山逸刀斎×栗栖 新シリーズ誕生!





企画 :笹山逸刀斎
原作 :笹山逸刀斎、栗栖
原画 :ZOL
シナリオ :栗栖
監督 :EDEN




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